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Amsterdam, Netherlands


SURF is a cooperative association of Dutch educational and research institutions in which its members join forces. The members are the owners of SURF.

At SURFsara, you will be working at the forefront of ICT and high-performance computing (HPC). We help researchers to make optimal use of the computing power, data storage and data services made available through the national e-infrastructure.

Collaboration with top-level researchers

SURFsara has close ties with the research community. Developing new medicines, improving solar cells and performing research into weather systems: none of this could now be conceivable without high-performance computing and data storage systems for petabytes of data. Researchers who wish to make use of data-intensive applications, modelling, simulation and visualisation can also turn to SURFsara.

Creative and innovative solutions

Working at SURFsara means thinking and working together with user communities, advanced parties from the supercomputing industry and our HPC partners in Europe. At the Amsterdam Science Park, your team will help researchers with creative and innovative ICT solutions.

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Getting started at SURFsara

The main principles underlying working at SURFsara are:

  • Researchers are the driving force of our work

At SURFsara, you will work closely with scientists and academics and communities from academia, industry and SMEs. ‘Innovation through HPC’ is our motto.

  • The result counts

At SURFsara, the result counts. You are only satisfied if the customer is: for example if researchers get the support they need when simulating or modelling, and our infrastructure helps take their research a step further.

  • Pioneering research requires cross-border cooperation

For good results, collaboration with colleagues, clients and technological partners at home and abroad is essential. Effective interaction with your colleagues at and beyond SURFsara is important for success in your work. This also applies to collaborative international projects, in which we give our customers access to the most powerful supercomputers in Europe.

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